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Loan Products

Looking for a local mortgage lender with personalized service, technological convenience, and a focus on you? Review our mortgage loan options below.

Residential Purchase Loans

Already found the perfect house in the perfect location and ready to buy? Easy enough with our Purchase Loans!

We can help you buy that new house, from first-time homebuyers working on their starter home, to experienced homeowners looking to downsize. Plus, be prepared for the house hunt with our simple Pre-Qualification process. You can also apply for your Mortgage Loan online or stop in and work with one of our Loan Officers. We offer a streamlined approval, loan commitment, and closing process that hopefully gives you enough time to pack!

Residential Owner-Builder Loan

We are one of just a few lenders in the region that offers an Owner-Builder Loan program. Do you want to build your dream house but have the skills to act as your own general contractor? Then an Owner-Builder Loan is for you!

With this loan, you can hire your own subcontractors and oversee the exact specifications and costs of your build, on your timeframe. During the construction period, you may be able to use your lot as a down payment and pay only interest on your loan. Build your home and your sweat equity.

Residential Construction Loan

Okay, so you’re not into Do-It-Yourself, but you still want to build your own house?

We offer Construction Loans for the typical process working with home builders. Once again, you may be able to use the cost of your lot as a down payment and pay only interest during the construction phase. We work with you on a predetermined pay-out schedule issuing checks as work is completed, and we even make our own inspections! All you need to get started are your blueprints and construction contract. We’ll bring the boots.

Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Maybe you’re happy with your home but want to make a planned upgrade (gourmet kitchen, anyone?) or need a sudden fix (whoops, leaky roof).

A Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit leverages the equity you’ve already put into your home, giving you the funds to complete expensive home improvements. Or rather than taking on a home project, what if you just need to pay down or consolidate your debts? A Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit can also be used to pay for other large expenses in your family’s lives, like higher education, medical bills, or high-interest credit cards. Closed-end Home Equity Loans have a fixed rate, which varies based on the length of the term. Home Equity Lines of Credit are open-ended with a variable rate (based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate). Both are subject to credit approval.

Refinancing Another Mortgage Loan

Yes, we do that too! Whether you want to refinance the existing mortgage balance on your home at a lower rate, or refinance your home for more than what’s owed and obtain cash at closing, we can guide you through that process.

Other Types of Loans

Still looking for the right loan for you? Here are some other loans we offer:

  • Residential Veterans Administration (V.A.) Loans
    If you are a veteran and have your certificate of eligibility, you are entitled to make an application for the V.A. Loan program. NO down payment is required.
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development FHA Title I Home Improvement Loans
    Loan proceeds shall be used to finance property improvements approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Land Loans
    Land loans may be financed up to 65 percent of the purchase price or appraised value, whichever is less. Maximum term is 15 years.
  • Affordable Housing Loans (Pennsylvania only)
    You may qualify for this program based on income limitations, pre-approval, and pre-purchase counseling. This program features a minimal down payment requirement and First Federal absorbing a portion of the closing cost.

Credit Life and Accident Insurance

Credit life and accident and health insurance may be incorporated into your mortgage for additional financial security. This competitively priced group insurance is available to those qualified for the coverage.

Pre-qualify or Apply

We offer a free, fast (same day decision) pre-qualification process. Let our experienced loan staff guide you through the pre-qualification process.

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